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Week 26

Posted by Dan Carter | Posted in One Idea a Day | Posted on 26-05-2014


Fear and Failure

Do not judge me by my success. Judge me by how many times I fell down and got up – Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013

For leaders, sometimes fear of failure can  make us apprehensive but as Martin Luther King stated in his book, A Gift  of Love, fear of darkness led to the discovery of the secret of electricity , the fear of pain led to the marvellous advances of medical science, the fear of ignorance was the reason that man built great institutions of learning, the fear of war was one of the forces behind the birth of the United Nations.  As Angelo Patri once said “Education consists in being afraid at the right time, if man were to lose his capacity of fear he would be deprived of his capacity to grow and create.”

As a leader do you embrace fear and failure and do you agree that a sense of fear should be normal, necessary and creative in your own leadership journey? If this reflects your life, how do you deal with the fear factor and failure?  Many entrepreneurs have a hard time overcoming the fear of the unknown and the failures that come with running their own business. For many entrepreneurs this can be a moment that can make or break them.  What words of support can you share?



Week 25

Posted by Dan Carter | Posted in One Idea a Day | Posted on 19-05-2014




Rise and Shine!


As the story goes, Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State, had so much energy, focus and drive that she would only require 4 hours of sleep a night.  She was famous for getting up at 4:00am so she could exercise before starting her day. Condoleezza is definitely a gifted leader, but do most leaders start their day early?  According to a recent article in Inc. Magazine, many well known leaders rise early to get on with their day.  Some leaders start their day at the gym, some take the time to plan their day’s schedule and some take the time to reflect and review.  Many write e-mails but often suggest to park them and not to send them out until 7am or so.  According to an article in Inc. Magazine by Margaret Heffernan, “Great jobs make you want to get up and the better the job you do, the more exciting getting up early becomes!”

Early in my leadership journey, I heard a well known leader state that he was up every day before 5am because that’s what good leaders do. I tried it and found I had no energy, focus and all I wanted to do was go back to bed. You see, I love to work late into the night.

As a leader, do you think it’s true that all leaders should be up early and are you one of those early risers? When did you start the routine of getting up early? Have you always been an early riser, or did it happen as your roles and responsibilities increased?  Do you find that starting your day early gives you an edge as a leader? Condoleezza started her day at the gym and many leaders work out daily, is this also something you have committed to doing as part of your leadership routine? As a leader, do you find that starting your day early also helps you stay more disciplined?

Week 24

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Answering The Tough Questions as a Leader


In 2004, Lee Cockerell, former Executive VP Operations at Walt Disney World, held a leadership conference to conduct a session called “The Top Ten Questions You Wish People Would Not Ask”.  Lee stated that the point was to help prepare future leaders for the kind of questions they will be called on to answer.  Here are a few of the questions that Lee addressed in his book Creating Magic:

  • How do you work with someone you don’t like or trust?
  • How can we retain quality employees in the face of our need to reduce expenditures?
  • Isn’t this latest initiative to streamline procedures really just an excuse to reduce head count?

As leaders, please share the toughest question you have had to answer and how did you answer them honesty?  As a leader that comes from a large organization, how have you been able to answer a questions that may have created conflict in your own leadership principals but your position demanded you to defend or explain the policy? What is the one principal that you always use when answering the tough questions?  Lastly, review Lee’s three questions above and tell me how you would answer those questions.

Week 23

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A recent study found that only 10% of Americans thanked a colleague on any given day and 60% report they have never or rarely expressed gratitude at work. Scientists found that creating a culture of gratitude at your work place pays dividends all year round. The same survey found 93% of workers believe grateful bosses are more likely to succeed. Thank you’s at work have concluded that it boosts happiness, reduces stress and generally improves satisfaction. I would image it can’t hurt the bottom Line either. (INC
. Magazine, Jessica Stillman November 27 2013)

What value do you put on gratitude as a leader? Do you find it important and can you share a personal story on how gratitude impacted someone in the past either in your personal life or professional life?  As a leader what steps have you taken to make sure your team members feel appreciated, valued and thanked? Does a happier place  to work impact your culture and bottom line?