New Shipment of Dan’s Book Has Just Arrived! Keep the conversation going about mental health and addictions. Order Dan's book today! It's a thoughtful gift for anyone suffering with mental health...

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Day of Hope and Leadership Save the date: October 3, 2017 This year's Day of Hope and Leadership was another success. Sold out with over 250 guests in attendance who were inspired by the theme "What Is Your Next...

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Body Plus Nutritional Products Team at the Briars Dan was very happy to be tonight's keynote speaker for the Body Plus Nutrition Products team. His message that "Ones Add Up" was delivered to an engaging...

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Dan Carter Talks About Leadership on SiriusXM Radio   Check out Dan on  SiriusXM Radio - Dan Carter talking about leadership on the show "What She Said" with Kate Wheeler and Christine...

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Week 28 Pull Up - Pull Out - Pull Down "Average is over" - either we understand that we become a lifelong learner or we can no longer be competitive or exist. The...

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Week 27 The Web and Your Company According to StatCounter, Dublin - 20% of web browsing is now conducted on mobile devices; compare that to 2009 when mobile...

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Week 21

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Lead by Example

Often the most powerful way to communicate a new direction is through behaviour. When the top five or fifty people all live the change vision, employees will usually grasp it better than if there had been a hundred stories in the in-house newsletter. When they see top management acting out the vision a whole set of troublesome questions about credibility and game playing tends to evaporate. (Leading Change by John Kotter)

So, as a leader, can you share an example of a change that you have put in to place and not only asked your people for buy in but “live in” as in leading by example? How did you live the change and how did your people live the change? Through this change how did you communicate to your leadership team the importance of leading by example? Did you get push back, and if so, how did you deal with the push back? Also as a leader, what did you find the hardest part of living out the example (length of time it took to see results?)?  Lastly, did you monitor your team and if so how did you monitor them?


Week 13

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I just love this statement, “One person can make a difference, and everyone should try” by John F Kennedy. It’s been over 50 years since JFK has left his impact on the world.  Many leaders debate his presidency and the words that he used to create a vision of a better world; with more peace and less war, a vision of a world that could dream big and go places we never thought of.  More importantly, he challenged his nation by this statement “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”   – words that many of us will remember for a life time.

Can you share your impression of those words from JFK that every man can make a difference and every man should try? Do those words challenge you as a leader and how do you teach this message?

Do we now find ourselves in a time where we need to ask what we are willing to do for our country? Is this a time when we need a bigger vision and commitment from all of us?  If so, what steps can we take or what steps have you taken?

Week 7

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The vast majority of leaders who change communities, whether local, regional or worldly do not hold any formal position of leadership. They are often the ones who intuitively understand that a community can achieve more with leadership than without it.  When they see that a void exists they step forward to fill it.  Leadership: 50 Points of Wisdom for Today’s Leaders by General Rick Hillier


Do you know someone that has stepped forward and taken on that role? What did they do? What gap did they fill and what impact did they have?  Tell me their story of community leadership.

Week 3

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Research at Harvard confirms the importance of attitude to peoples’ success – in fact it was concluded that up to 85% percent of success in life is due to attitude while only 15% percent is due to Ability.    Sometimes You Win by John Maxwell


Tell me your stories of how your attitude helped push you through tough times.  How have you tried to help others with their attitude to succeed? Did you understand the importance of attitude versus ability?


Week 2

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For every 1 percent improvement in the service climate, there is a 2 percent increase in revenue – Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman

I just love this statement by Southwest Airlines , “we like to think of ourselves as a customer service company that happens to fly airplanes”. As a matter of fact, in a news story that appeared in Reuters June 22 2011 – Southwest was tops in customer service again beating rivals like Continental, American, United and US Airways by scoring an ACSI score of 81 (ACSI is a passenger satisfaction index which is compiled by the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.) Fortune magazine calls Southwest the most successful Airline in history as they have had 31 consecutive years of profitability.

So what does this mean and how can you improve service in your business? What steps did you take to improve service within your own organization?

What examples do you have that support the statement that an improvement in service adds revenue?  What have you experienced in your personal life when it comes to exceptional service? Does a good service experience add to your overall opinion of a company?


Week 1

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As I was reading a book recently about leadership, I found this quote that got me thinking;

“Organizations thrive on routine and the status quo; professionals in organizations rely on the established systems in order to carry out their jobs with minimal resistance and stress. As a result, most people in companies today have not challenged themselves to learn something really different for a long time.”  Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman

So what does this mean and how would other leaders react to this statement?

How does this impact people in general – if people don’t learn something daily how will this impact us all?


New Book Project

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“If you study a subject every day for one hour a day, five days a week, in five years you will become an expert in that area”.   John Maxwell

I am writing you all today as I have been working on my next book, “One Idea A Day”. I am writing this book to share ideas, concepts, data, successes and failures from a personal, professional, and community point of view.  As many of you know, I am a lifelong learner and my focus has been on leadership.  The true meaning of leadership is “to Invest into others, so they are able to invest into others”. I’m hoping you will see this book as my investment in YOU.

Through my daily studies and learning, I have come across great stories, information, data and strategies that others have discovered in their life. I have found these stories and findings very helpful in my personal journey. I began by collecting stories and information for my own personal use but then I thought I would like to share what I have learned with you. To ensure success of a book, you need to make sure you have ideas that people need, stories of success and failures that people can relate to, provide tools that can be helpful and information that can help them grow.

So this is where you come in. I would like to ask if you would be willing to help me by sharing your own stories that relate to the findings that I will post weekly. I will be asking you all a few questions that relate to each subject matter and ask if you have personal or professional stories that you would be willing to share. I am hoping that over the next six months we can share our experiences so others have the chance to learn from all of us.  It will also produce a great book that will help me continue my goal to invest in others.

I will post a new thought/idea/concept weekly, and you’ll see them below, as well as on my blog.  Please feel free to comment and participate.  I look forward to reading what you have to say!


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Hope, Understanding and Victory

This keynote can be customized to suit any audience looking to gain more insight into the epidemic of mental health and addiction issues in our society today. It is also an excellent learning tool for college/university staff and students to address a growing concern in that sector.

1 in 5 Canadians deal with mental health issues daily. It is also estimated that as high as 4 million Canadians are dealing with an addiction. On average, 12 families each day in Canada are changed forever by suicide. Hear a true life story of a man once filled with fear that found hope in recovery. Understand what victory looks like for someone facing mental health and addictions and learn how we can all help remove the stigma so those that need the help can reach out and ask for help.

This keynote touches everyone in the audience! Dan shares his tragic life stories and gives you insight into a life that most of us would not be able to survive. Everyone sees in themselves some of what Dan has had to overcome.

  • Learn what it looks like from the inside when facing mental health and addictions
  • Understand the importance of the small victories and how they aid in the process of recovery
  • Learn how we can all help remove the stigma so others can seek help

Ordinary Actions – Extraordinary Impacts

This 90-minute session is the perfect inspirational tool for public sector workers, service agencies, corporations and charitable organizations.

This powerful presentation will help remind those that work with the public of the impact they can have on other people’s lives. When you don’t always see the end results of your work, it can be difficult to stay motivated.

  • Rediscover the passion of serving the public
  • Realize once again the importance of the work you do
  • Hear the first hand testimony of one life that was extraordinarily impacted by public sector staff
  • Regain your motivation and focus

Comments from recent attendees of this keynote:

Your message has gone beyond inspirational – Jim

I can’t thank you enough for what you did for these four students.  Not only did you motivate but you made them pause and think and realize how making a difference affects everyone around you. Karen

The Power of One

History has given us many examples of people, events and actions that have not only changed the world but have taught us much about the world we live in and a great deal about ourselves. One person, one idea, one action can make a difference.

Dan will illustrate how “ones add up”. Be prepared to be impacted and to enhance your life principles and successes. The power of one will not only help give you insight into your own life but will offer great examples of how the human spirit can overcome and accomplish great things.

If you are looking to focus on your purpose and move forward in a positive direction, this keynote is for you.  You will take away tools and be inspired to make the changes that are within you.

Inspirational, motivational and life changing – Elaine

Our sales team was lucky enough to attend this session with Dan. He has given us all a new perspective and outlook on what we do. We can’t wait to get out there and start using some of these great tools! – Richard