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Week 18

Posted by Dan Carter | Posted in One Idea a Day | Posted on 31-03-2014



Finding Balance

From the Power of Habit – Simply giving employees a sense of agency a feeling that they are in control,  that they have genuine decision making authority can radically increase how much energy and focus they bring to their jobs. Starbucks has seen turnover reduced and customer satisfaction go up, just by asking employees  for input on where the espresso machine should be or  how the cash registers should be laid  out in order to serve customers better.  People want to be in control of their lives.

But if you recall in Week 1 “Organizations thrive on routine” from Primal Leadership, how does this case in the Power of Habit change the way we see our role in motivating or helping employees to have some control without losing control or becoming a routine in the work place?

How would you or how have you as a leader, kept the routine of the job for safety or productivity reasons but still empowered your employees to have some control so they have higher satisfaction in their work?  Has it impacted the productivity or your workplace?

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