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Inspiring messages, optimism offered at Our Youth, Our Future

Posted by Dan Carter | Posted in News | Posted on 28-05-2010


Optimism and hope can be a little harder to find in these difficult times.

Some families continue to cope with job loss, the lingering casualties of the Great Recession.

Others work two or more part-time jobs to make ends meet. Still others face the prospect of exhausted unemployment benefits and a job market still recovering from the downturn of 2008.

Youth in Durham, many of whom lived through difficult times due to parents losing established, long-service jobs and are now on the cusp of adulthood themselves, are especially vulnerable to currents that push society in one direction or another.

To address the issues facing youth, to provide a beacon of hope and optimism, Canadian Autoworkers Local 222 officials are inviting youth from across Durham Region to their Our Youth, Our Future event featuring inspirational keynote speaker and Canadian boxing legend George Chuvalo and Oshawa’s own Dan Carter.

If anyone has discovered the secret to finding and sustaining hope in the darkest of times, it is Mr. Chuvalo. He lost two children to drug overdoses and one to suicide. His wife, too, took her own life after the death of her second son.

Since then, Mr. Chuvalo has emerged as a powerful and credible speaker who has inspired thousands of young people. His story of courage and determination that grew from the most difficult of personal challenges is awe-inspiring.

Mr. Carter, too, has grown into a successful local media personality and has shared his story of personal conflict and growth with young people.

Together, the two will bring a powerful and timely message to youth across the region and provide insight into the challenges they faced, the road they travelled and the tools they used to reclaim their lives.

The event’s focus is on youth, but the message should resonate with everyone. We encourage anyone who can take a couple of hours next Wednesday to attend this free event at the General Motors Centre.

The times we live in pose many challenges, but armed with tools to cope, a fresh perspective and the inspiring story and message of Messrs. Chuvalo and Carter, residents will benefit from a couple of hours of exceptional insight.


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