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East of the City Magazine – Trailblazers: Dan Carter

Posted by Dan Carter | Posted in News | Posted on 08-03-2012


Trailblazers: Dan Carter

Deborah A Rankine
East of the City Magazine Feb/12

Seasoned broadcaster and motivational speaker, Dan Carter, has played a significant role in Durham Region as a community leader, championing the cause for better education and opportunities for all.

Emerging from a background of immense personal challenge and tragedy, Carter’s walked the walk. Today, this inspirational role model tirelessly delivers his message to all Canadians… always strive to achieve your full potential. And then to pay-it-forward.

Carter’s steadfast commitment to making a difference has led to the establishment of a number of community initiatives, including the founding of The Hope Centre of Learning and the Day of Hope and Leadership signature event for community leaders.  Dan is especially proud of the Isobel Carter Youth Fund which provides educational bursaries for youth in Durham Region.

Most recently, Carter opened the Carter Centre for Media and Cultural Studies in a refurbished Simcoe Street building in downtown Oshawa, Ontario. 

Add to Carter’s list of accomplishments his inspirational book, It’s the Right Time Now, which chronicles his life’s story and his rise to success. Read it and you’ll understand why he’s one of our Region’s trailblazers.

Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

Dan Carter: My wife, Paula Carter, has always believed in my vision and gives me the confidence to move outside of my comfort zone.

My sister, Maureen, saved my life and always believed that I would do something great in my life. 

My mother, Isobel Carter, planted the seeds of hope and perseverance in me, and 

Martin Luther King, for the life he led.

 10 Things You Can’t Google about Dan Carter

1. I’m a neat freak.

2. I love to vacuum.

3. I will only drink milk from a new carton that I open myself.

4. I like Lady Gaga.

5. I didn’t learn to read until I was 30-years-old.

6  I can relate everything in life back to a Seinfeld episode.

7. I only read non-fiction books.

8. I sort my books by size and colour.

9. I take longer to get ready in the morning than most women do

10. Within about three dollars, I can tell you where every penny I spend has gone over the course of a year.