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Training and Workshops

Hope, Understanding and Victory

This session can be delivered as a 90-minute address, half or full day in-depth seminar.  Beneficial to any audience looking to gain more insight into the epidemic of mental health and addiction issues in our society today.

1 in 5 Canadians deal with mental health issues daily.  It is also estimated that as high as 4 million Canadians are dealing with an addiction. Tragically, 12 families in Canada per day will be affected by suicide. Hear a true life story of a man once filled with fear that found hope in recovery. Understand what victory looks like for someone facing mental health and addictions and learn how we can all help remove the stigma so those that need the help can reach out and ask for help.

  • Learn what it looks like from the inside when facing mental health and addictions
  • Understand the importance of the small victories and how they aid in the process of recovery
  • Learn how we can all help remove the stigma so others can seek help


Simply Lead

This workshop will explore; what leadership really mean, how leaders should behave and why is it so important for leaders to develop themselves and commit to life long learning.

It takes discipline, vision and trust to be a strong leader – do you have what it takes?  This workshop will guide you through some key leadership skills and will give you the tools to be an effective leader.


Failing to Succeed

Looking to invents in your own personal and professional growth?  It’s time to take a chance. We only truly learn when we fail.  How do we react to failure?  How do we build our resilience?  How do we become better leaders through our failures?

This is one workshop you won’t want to miss!


Emergency Workers

A specialized workshop for front line emergency workers and management.  Dan will customize this workshop to meet your needs, challenges and expectations.

For all staff:  Learn how to manage the impact your career has on your life.  How do you deal with the stresses of the job while trying to balance your life?

For senior level staff/management:  How does having a transitional leadership plan make any organization healthier?

Front line workers:  What does mental illness look like?  How can you understand mental illnesses and addictions so you can be better prepared when responding to calls or when dealing with personal issues?