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Isobel Carter Youth Fund

Dan and Isobel Carter

In 2004, my mother, Isobel Carter passed away. That year I decided that I would start a fund that would follow her own spirit of unconditional love that she had passed on to me. My mother’s belief was that we should always encourage young people to succeed and teach them to reach out to others and develop compassion. We must always find a way to lead, give, share, inspire, and never give up on anyone as we are all precious gifts.

Since 2005, I have awarded The Isobel Carter Youth Award to a child from Oshawa Community Health Centre who is under the age of 15 and demonstrates compassion and leadership unconditionally; or as my mother would say “has a good soul”.  In 2008, I added an award to a young person from outside of Oshawa Community Health Centre.  They are each awarded a $500 GIC to be used in the future for their education. The award celebrates young people that show kindness of heart, a generous soul and leadership when it’s most important.




Isobel Carter Youth Award Recipients:

“I think that this award is better than an Academy Award because I am receiving this award for being me and I think that’s great.”

2008 Isobel Carter Award recipient Katelyn Davis


Kyle Young (Durham Region)
Shakara Andrews (Oshawa Community Health Centre)


Laura Colley (Durham Region)
Lindsay Riegling (Oshawa Community Health Centre)


Joshua Humphrey (Durham Region)
Michael Powers (Oshawa Community Health Centre)


Erin Jones (Durham Region)
Joanna Alphonso (Durham Region)
Bradley Pollard (Oshawa Community Health Centre)


Linnea Kalchos (Durham Region)
Tyler Appleby (Hamilton)
MacLayne Forbes (Westport)
Michael Tang (Oshawa Community Health Centre)


Katelyn Davis (Durham Region)
Adam Freeman (Durham Region)
Errin Jones (Oshawa Community Health Centre)


Tiffany Brooks (Oshawa Community Health Centre)


Damien Shields (Oshawa Community Health Centre)


Jessi Josey (Oshawa Community Health Centre)




Joanna Alphonso Grade 8 Student at Lincoln Alexander PS and recipient of the 2010 Isobel Carter Award.

Erin Jones Grade 8 Student at Vaughan Willard PS accepts the 2010 Isobel Carter Award.










 Linnea Kalchos (left) and Morgan Achtemeier (right)2009 – Linnea Kalchos & Morgan Achtemeier

Adam Freeman and Katelyn Davis2008 – Adam Freeman and Katelyn Davis

Tiffany Brooks 20072007 – Tiffany Brooks

Damien Shields 20062006 – Damien Shields